Friday, August 04, 2006

What Could Really Be That Important !?!?

What could really be that important that it can not wait?

Lately I have been looking at things we have and things we do and wondering if they are really that important from an eternal perspective. Unless this person pictured is sharing Christ with a person about to commit suicide or something then it can probably wait.

Some Thoughts:
How much of the chaos of life do we create our self?
Do we just go, go, go all the time because we are afraid that if we stop we might have to really deal will something?
Is busy-ness our ‘drug’ to keep from dealing with issues?
Do we think if we juggle many issues we can avoid really have to deal with any of them?
If one starts to hit to close to home we can just switch gears and ‘work’ on a different problem..

Dumber than Jonah…
At least when Jonah was running from God he had a destination! Are we, by our busy-ness, running (to nowhere) from God? It’s time for all us to slow down and let God speak to us before a ‘great fish’ swallows us up.


ruthrap said...

Sean, you dredged up some real "food for thought"--got me to thinkin' and what you said is right. reminds me of the old 60's song that goes "slow down, you're movin, too got to make the morning last...remember,or are you too young? anyway, you get the's a fast paced world we're living in and we all need to slow it down and relax more!

Libby said...

I don't think I've ever taken a laptop to the restroom, but I have been guilty of taking my study materials when I had a big exam or something. Hopefully I'm getting better.

Hook said...

Sean - I go everywhere (except the bathroom) with my laptop...I could identify with that pic and am afraid that I create alot of my life's chaos.

Sean McKee said...

Thanks for your honesty, Hook. If we were all honest with ourselves, and God, we would see and admit that we all cause most of the chaos in our lives.

Anonymous said...

I'm typing this from the bathroom right now..........

Actually, I'm not but you hit on a very good point here about busyness. I'm sure the Enemy uses busyness as a primary means of attack. I guess if he can't have all of us, he'll just keep us busy!