Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fire the Plumber!

Sometimes at work after lunch I take a walk to get some fresh air and some natural light (I work in the basement). Yesterday was one of those days I did. Right as I walked back in the front door of the building my cell phone rang and the ladies that work the front door said “Call your wife you have a leak in the basement!” It was my wife calling on the cell phone to tell me the same.

(note) We have been putting in a bathroom in our basement and a week ago I finally got a working sink installed.

My wife said that there was water on the floor around the sink. One of the guys at work had talked her through shutting off the main water value to the house so the leak was stopped for the moment.

After some questioning of my wife to get a idea of the magnitude of the problem I decided to take off work early and go see what the problem was. To make a long story short I found that the "plumber" had not screwed the hot & cold water hoses on tight enough to the sink faucet.

I think my wife actually caught the “plumber” in action NOT getting the hoses tight enough!

After a few turns with a crescent wrench the problem was solved. I need to have a talk with the "plumber"!


Darrell said...

Hey... I'm having more plumbing issues in my house right now, so I am not saying a word!

Anonymous said...

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Darryl Iorio said...

Sorry to know that you have experienced such disservice with one plumber. I am a plumber myself, so I know what rides on my back whenever I go on a home service. That’s why I always double check everything before, during, and after my work to make sure that I haven’t missed anything. The plumber you hired might have just forgotten on double checking the lines he installed.

Darryl Lorio