Monday, November 06, 2006

How Much Is Your Sin Going to Cost Me? - Ted Haggard

I guess since it is my birthday I should have some words of wisdom for everyone. While I do not have any word of wisdom I will pass on some words of wisdom that is a title to a sermon tape that I received a couple months ago. I have been thinking of that sermon and the title ever since the middle of last week.

The title of that message was “How Much Is Your Sin Going to Cost Me?” And if you haven’t guessed it was by Ted Haggard. Now I am definitely not going to start slamming Ted and calling him a hypocrite and all that. Far from it. I think this should be a wake up call to the Christian community to be able to show compassion, understanding, and forgiveness to a person in sin while standing firm against sin. But those are words of wisdom for another day.

Today I think we need to see these words of wisdom from Ted himself. “How much is your sin going to cost me?” Where “me” is all the people that your life has directly and indirectly touched. Just imagine the fallout from this hidden sin in Ted’s life. His family, ministry, the cause of Christ, the political movements he was a part of. People he has never seen or spoken to have been discouraged, disheartened, and “given occasion to blaspheme” the name of Christ.

Let’s now hold the mirror up to ourselves. What is the hidden sin in your life that if it came to light would not only destroy your testimony, but cause the unbelievers around your to say “Ah Ha, I new he/she was a phony” and the believers around you to question or stumble in their faith? Confess it to someone that will hold you accountable, Repent of it, and stop it. Do all that you can do to rid yourself of it because if you do not, God will for you. As a Christian, His plan for you is that you become more like Christ. If He has to expose your sin to everyone around you then that is what he will do. Not to humiliate you but to humble and perfect you. Do not let that happen though. Humble yourself, don’t make God do it.

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