Monday, March 05, 2007

Why men flock to Islam?

“Why do men flock to Islam, while avoiding Christianity?”

“Because Islam delivers what fathers and husbands want for their families, strong men gravitate toward it. Therefore, it becomes male heavy,”

“Here is a faith that’s going to hold me to a higher standard. Men are dying for this.”

So the question for Christianity is this: Can our faith “deliver” for men without oppressing women in the process?

We don’t need to put women in burquas to bring men back to church. But we do need to deliver what we promise.

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Socialist Christian Hippie said...

What are "time tested" morals any group can agree to?

Yes, freedom of conscience is difficult, but what sort of society are we going to have if we abandon it?

The liberal Christian church is dying because it is harder and more intellectualy demanding than the mega churches. It also isn't racing out to embrace every fad that comes along. The liberal church isn't out to make oodles of cash or sell out to the horrific "Christian Capitalist" movement wholesale. (There is, unfortunately, still much mixing of salesmanship for $$ and the spreading of the word in even the most liberal church).

IMHO that is.


robmac said...

It is my opinion that the men that seek Islam, whether it is Middle-East Islam or Nation of Islam, are seeking structure.

What I mean is men live in black and white worlds. It is or it isn't. Following a religion like Islam takes less faith in God to guide us in our lives. Truly living a life as a Christian relies on God's Holy Spirit to guide our lives and to be ready to be called according to His purpose.

"Don't tell me to trust God, tell me what to do and what not to do"

That is something that men can do.

Sean McKee said...


Thanks for the perspective.

It is true that we are to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Christians do have a “more tangible” guide for there lives though. The Bible is a Christian's “handbook” for daily living. The problem is that Most Christians neither read nor know nor believe the Bible and they are not held accountable to it by other Christians and Christian leaders. The culture's "live and let live" apathy has invaded the Church.

thescoundrel said...

There is no one answer. But in my opinion RobMac has stated the base on which most attraction can point back to.
In our society we have let Big Government take control over our family lives and guidance. A spot traditionally reserved for the males in culture. A big part of the draw for men to Islam is that it teaches and ensures them that they are in control of their lives and their family’s lives. Many men feel emasculated the last few generations as roles in society have evolved. Islam is a religion that returns the feel of security and power that many of them feel has been stripped from them. Everyone knows his or her pecking order in a radical Islamic Society. If you look at the larger numbers of converts in the US you will find many are African-Americans males in prison and which the worlds society has repressed for longer than our country has been around. Many of them feel powerless to execute change in their life. The religion of Islam assures them that are part of a superior culture and that they deserve power.

Anonymous said...

Christianity does not hold men accountable for their responsibilities. Too long has men handed their roles & authority over to the woman/wife. Deut 6:6-25, MEN are instructed to raise their SONS/children in God's way. That is what Islam are holding their men accountable to. May we hold each other accountable as the Father held His son, Jesus Christ, accountable.

Love in Christ,
Ps Gary R. Thomas
Founder: History Makers Men's Ministry
Cape Town South Africa

Gary R. said...

Islam offers men the religous responsibility with no female influence. Thus the men do not feel as if their responsibility can be given to women but passed on to their sons. This becomes an inheritance to generation to follow, where as Christian men don't see or feel the impportance of this responsibility. Western women now not only want to take over from men in the market place and home, but also in the Chirch. Maybe Christian men should stand up and take their rightful place as men, husbandsn kings and priests.

Ps Gary R. Thomas
Founder: History Makers Men's Ministry
Cape Town