Friday, January 20, 2006

Right to Privacy (I mean, Abortion)

The ignorance of the reason that abortion should be legal because of our 'right to privacy' became very apparent to me this week. Not that till this week I was pro-abortion, not at all. But the ignorance and double standard that is in place was made blaringly obvious to me.

My wife’s niece moved in with us this week so we could to help get her life back on track. She has a couple REAL BAD teeth that need to be worked on so we were talking to her about getting in to the dentist. In the conversation it came out that she had an appointment to get a root canal on the two teeth, but when she got to the dentist she was turned away because she is under 18 and did not have a parent with her.

What does this got to do with abortion you ask?

What is wrong with this picture?

A 14 year old girl has a right to get an abortion WITHOUT EVEN TELLING her parents but she can not get a rotting tooth removed without her parents PRESENT!

I ask again, what is wrong with this picture?

Why doesn’t this, or any other medical procedure, fall under this so called ‘right to privacy’?
Is it because it has nothing to do with the right to privacy. The abortion advocates have just high-jacked this law to promote their abortion on demand desire and make it a reality.


Darrell said...

Wow. What a thought provoker. I never thought about the fact that a girl could have an abortion without her parents permission, but there is not another medical proceedure she can have done without their consent. Great point Sean.

But did you have to use the Three Stooges to illustrate this? These guys are my heros! (Might explain a few things about me, huh!)

Sean McKee said...


Sorry about the Stooges comparison. It does give the stoogie a bad name...