Monday, February 13, 2006

Evolution Sunday?

Darwin Fish

Just in case your pastor did not preach on 'Evolution Sunday' this weekend (Thank the Lord if he did not, find a new church if he did) or you have never heard of it, here is a good link on the subject.

In praise of Darwin this Sunday - in hundreds of churches!

Basically Feb 12th is Charles Darwin's birthday and several 'pastors' are using this day affirm the 'compatibility' of evolution and the Genesis account of creation. It’s funny that the evolutionists do even see this…

This Sunday, over 400 congregations in 49 states in the USA will participate in what could be called a “Darwin praise service.” They will be celebrating (yes, that’s the word that could be used for many of the churches) the 197th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It’s called “Evolution Sunday.”

It is a shame that some of the worst enemies of our Lord are the very ones who claim his name!


Libby said...

Have these people studied the Bible or Darwin's theory in depth? The only "compatibility"(sp?) is the fact that species do change over time. i.e. Dog breeds may get larger/smaller or develop new fur color due to a mutation,etc. (The fact is the large majority of mutations are fatal to the creature!) Even so, the Bible gives no indication of one species becoming another! I'm sorry for rambling. I just get so angry at people accepting teachings they know nothing about! There have been so many findings which cannot be explained by evolution and a true scientist would have to admit that these findings actually are evidence to disprove the theory but since life scientists have no other "feasible" theory they will not accept that Darwin might be wrong! A bad theory is better than no theory in their minds. ok I'll quit now. (Yes I could fill an entire article on this but I won't)

Sean McKee said...

You go girl. Don't stop on my account!

Anyone who takes an honest look at evolution can see that it goes against the 'natural flow' of nature. If left alone, things tend to move from move complex to less complex (Second law of thermodynamics ). Also there is the argument of Irreducible complexity that says that even the simplest forms of life could not have evolved because they are made up of 'systems' that depend on each other. The classic example is the Rotary motors in the bacterial flagellum.

All this to say if the scientists really were in pursuit of the truth and true to scientific principles they would at least except the possibility that evolution is not that answer to the origins of life. But they have decided there is no God so the only other answer is evolution. They have made the evidence fit their 'theology'.

It is not a leap of blind faith to believe that God created things according to the Genesis account. One could argue that to believe in evolution is the blind leap of faith...

To anyone interested in evidences refuting evolution, here are just a few good links:

How Good a Scientist Are You? - The Kitchen Laboratory:

‘Young’ age of the Earth & Universe Q&A:

Argument: ‘Irreducible complexity’:

Sean McKee said...

One more link:

The Amazing Cell – evidence for creation and against evolution!