Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, this picture is kind of lame and geeky but I am a computer geek at heart. This picture is 'old school' banner art.

Back in the 'old days' of computers you use to see in the data processing centers of the world these giant pictures that were made all of letters of the alphabet.

In true old meets new fashion, This program written in the latest technology (Microsoft dot NET for you fellow techies). Then, as a nice feature, lets you export to a gif file! ASCII art in GIF Format. Geeky through and through!

Double click on the picture and look close to see the letters if you do not believe me.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here is a link to the software: http://ascgendotnet.jmsoftware.co.uk/


Sarah said...

That is exactly the kind of dorky things I love coming across!

The 6 Karns' said...

And I can testify...Sarah does love dorky stuff like that :)

Sarah said...

Aren't you a funny bunny!?! Ha! I've come to accept there is no reason denying it any longer.