Friday, March 10, 2006

Calling the church back to men

Calling the church back to men

Man-focused church grows, gets guys
This is a great story of a new church right around the corner, Peoria, IL.

The Grove in Peoria, Illinois, America’s first church to publicly and unashamedly target men, is growing. According the pastor, “Coach D,” average attendance has nearly doubled since the grand opening in September. Giving is up, and the church may soon acquire an abandoned nightclub as its new home. Coach D is investing weekly in a small group of men, and he reports that these guys are growing in faith as never before.

This church is focusing on calling men.

Most people assume that men are just less religious than women, but this is untrue. Other religions have little trouble attracting males. Jesus was a magnet to men. But today, few men are living for Christ, even as many are dying for Allah. Why do rival faiths inspire male allegiance, while ours breeds male indifference?

A business guru once said, “Your system is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re getting.” Christianity’s primary delivery system, the local church, is perfectly designed to reach women and older folks. That’s why our pews are filled with them. But this church system fails to stir men’s hearts, so men (especially masculine ones) stay away.

God's army is warehoused in churches and held back by kings who will not go to war. -- John Eldredge


Libby said...

I have heard of this church and what it is doing. That is wonderful. I hope the families are brought along as well and included.

Darrell has long been concerned and aware of this apparent "ostricizing" of men for some time. He has been praying God would give him direction and wisdom. I believe God has. There are some new things in the works at Harvest Church as well.

We are very blessed to have a strong core of men in our church. What a wonderful untapped resource. Well be prepared. It is getting ready to "be tapped"!

Sean McKee said...

I hope the men are bringing their families as well.

That's what everyone seems to be afraid of, that women will be turned off by a 'manly' church. But the studies have shown that the women embrace it too.

I'm not talking about a church that makes the women 2nd class, but the church that is balanced in its presentation on Christianity. Men have been 'ostracized' by the 'Boyfriend of Jesus' image that the church presents.

Apostle Peter was no 'Boyfriend of Jesus'. The church in general leans a little to far to the feminine, it needs to lean back to the middle. We need to show that being a strong man is no sin. Sometimes we get the feeling that it is.

It's kind of like 'The Man Show' on Comedy Central. Ratings show that more women watch it then men.

Those 'untapped' men need to be given a purpose. A battle to win, a 'damsel in distress' to save, a cause greater than themselves to be a part of.

Libby said...

I agree with you completely. In spite of the feminist movement there is still a majority (I believe) of women out there that want men to be men! I didn't marry Darrell to have a "girlfriend" (he'd cringe at that thought). I married a protector, someone to be strong for me, care for and provide for me and my children, a priest of our household. I celebrate, embrace and thank God for our differences! I also appreciate being treated with respect and as a Lady. I love it when he opens the door for me, starts my car, defends me! Other women and I have discussed how fortunate we are to have God fearing men who love us.

Even if we don't say it enough, we really appreciate these Godly men.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the message i have been trying to spread! When Men get their hearts back and learn how to fight, a God thing will happen! As Eldredge points out, most men are bored and they don't like to be classified as the "nice, well behaved christian guy". I know i'd much rather be William Wallace than Mother Teresa. You are right on my brother!! Donny