Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Iran threatens reprisals if punished in nuclear row

Iran threatens reprisals if punished in nuclear row

What does everyone think about this issue?

Should we draw a 'line in the sand' with Iran about this nuclear issue risking high oil prices and more war?
Is doing nothing just going to cause more serious problems down the road?
Should Iran have the right to refine nuclear material if the want?


Darrell said...

Tough questions there Sean. Start with the last one: No way should we allow them to refine nuclear material. They cannot be trusted. They has stated very flatly that they want to destroy Israel and the United States as well. The problem is, I wonder how far we can stretch out our military. For this one we have got to have the help of our allies. It would be nice if the UN did something... but I am not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I gut says we won't have to do it, because Israel will strike Iran first. Then it all starts flying!

Sean McKee said...

it's starting to feel more and more like Matthew 24!