Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I came not to send peace, but a sword. - Jesus

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. - Matt 10:34

Anyone else tired of the sissy-fied, Jesus is my boyfriend, church culture that is chasing away men from the Church? Need some fire in your belly?

Listen to this message from Reverend Herb Lusk:

“The spirit of a soldier, the guts of a gladiator and the attitude of an athlete" are the elements of Christians "fighting the good fight.” That attitude is expressed by Reverend Herb Lusk, a former NFL player who now pastors a church in urban Philadelphia. A stirring message for all of us!

Click here to listen to the audio message: One More Round - Reverend Herb Lusk


Sarah said...

I'm still a little confused. How do you really feel about the not so masculine issue? :)

Sean McKee said...

Passionate! (I'm sure you have noticed)

I really think that the view of Jesus as my 'true love' has not only contributed to the 'user friendly' church but has caused most men, who already live in a society that sees masculinity as at best a necessary evil, feel that they are outsiders. The church fosters comfort, peace, safety, predictability. This by itself is not a true picture of Jesus.

To stand in the face of certain death (or at least ridicule) and proclaim Jesus is Lord takes guts, passion, and a fearlessness towards confrontation.

Men need a challenge. A leader. Something to conquer. A purpose or cause bigger than themselves to get behind. The church needs to offer this to men, not a safe, boyfriend Jesus.

Henry Haney said...

Hi Sean,
I found your blog through the Dawg's site. I've noticed over the years that there are typically many more women and children in church than there are men....I've never really thought about an underlying cause but you might be onto something.

I appreciate the obvious fire in your belly Sean- keep preaching the Word!

God bless,

The 6 Karns' said...

Amen & Amen. Us "women-folk" want some FIRED UP - Manly Men to start teaching our boys! You notice our boys' names? Shawn was definitely not wanting a "sissy" we have HUNTER - BROCK - TANNER...Manly names :)

Sean McKee said...

Manly Men to start teaching our boys!
The 6 Karns',
You are on to it, when men, realize what being a man means, they will then see that they have the Fatherly duty and responsibility to mold and shape their boys in to men who will in turn do the same.

Boy, now I am really getting fired up!

Sean McKee said...


Thanks for the encorragement.

That book, Wild at Heart, along with the struggling of leading a (realavant) men's group at our church has really fueled this passion.

Buy that book or check it out from the library. Another good one I read a while back was 'Bringing Up Boys' by Dr. Dobson.

Sarah said...

I also like men to be men. I do tell my brothers there is a line from coddling the little guys and being cruel with a harsh toughin' up routine.

Everything does not be an extreme on the pendulum. Men do not have to be weenie girlie men nor do they have to be vulgar barbarians. There is a wonderful middle area there.

Sean McKee said...

There is a wonderful middle area there.


You are correct! That middle area applies to all of life. Focusing on the extremes will usually get you off track.

Deborha's Palm Tree said...

for the last year the focus in our intercessory prayer group has been to pray for the men of church to rise up and take their place. You are such an encouragement to me. We will continue to intercede. In a recent conversation at my workplace there was a statement made that: "religion is for weak, abused women, you notice there are more women than men who attend church...?" I wrote about my response to this on my blog...Again, thanx! To God be the Glory!